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Fill2purewater is dedicated to improving our drinking water environment and health of everyone in the world today.

Did you know there are over 60+ contaminates in drinking water?

Our sewage table is now penetrating our water sources which leaves human deposits and medicines that people take everyday.So this is not only affecting our health through drinking water, but can effect us while bathing /showering because our skin is like a sponge.

Water District standards are very low and they have to add chemicals to our drinking water, in order to meet EPA water standards. For more information Click here.

The Problem

Water is the most common substance on earth. This might lead us to believe that fresh water is plentiful, even in industrialized countries like the United States. But, only 2.5% of the global water supply is fresh - the rest salty.If the tiny percentage of fresh water available was clean, we might have enough for the world’s growing population. But it’s not!Pollution and disease are dirtying our water supplies. More than 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water. And the United Nations estimates that by 2050, that number will dramatically increase.The Pacific Institute estimates that between 52 and 118 million people will die of preventable water-related diseases by 2020. And, the World Health Organization estimates that up to 5 million people die each year from the lack of clean drinking water - that’s more than 13,000 deaths per day!

The Need

The need is obvious - people can’t depend upon cities, states or even governments to protect them form contaminants and pollutants finding their way into our water supplies. Even in the United Sates, the problem is growing each year. In October 2003, the EPA published a report (EPA 816K-03-007) Water On Tap: What You Need To Know. On pages 23 to 27, it listed 87 contaminants that could be found in drinking water, and their personal health effects. Many of these contaminants are specifically liked to cancer, liver and kidney disease and death.Since our bodies are approximately 75% water, and 70% of the water we drink each day is away from home, everyone needs a potable water supply they can trust!

The Solution

About 16 years ago, Fill2PureWater came up with a new filtration system called the Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter. The new filter removes up to 99.99% of contaminants found in drinking water - and is the only one which treats the four major zones of contamination:

The Fill2PureWater Ionic Adsorption Micron Filter is the most laboratory and field-tested filter system in the world. Independent testing has been completed in 18 countries by government-approved laboratories using EPA/ANSI protocols and NSF standards where they conducted 150 tests up to 600 liters, including ones on anthrax, salmonella, benzene and hepatitis with live pathogens!To date, over four million filters have been used by people everywhere - campers, hikers, bikers, police, UK Supreme Commandos, U.S. Marines, missionaries, disaster relief and aid workers, humanitarian groups and just every-day people who want to insure that the water they drink is great-tasting, clean and fresh!Watch the video on bottled water and the environment.